About:// the band
Their story began in 2006. After guitarist Philipp Rechthaler promised the Trinidadian-born black songstress Alicia bankhofer that she would never have to sing Summertime again, the band has been crafting their own vision of modern alt rock - haunting, self-assured sound layered with astute guitar riffs, intense percussion and pulsating bass lines. A song by the British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree, a band that has inspired and fascinated both, was chosen for the band name.

"Sometimes I worry that my songwriting skills will dry up and abandon me as quickly as they came, forcing the journey to end," says Alicia, "and then a song like "Great Escape" comes along and it's profound power surprises the hell out of me." Luckily her fears have not yet come to pass. Their debut cd SUPERLATERAL packs this and other gems into a package that is lyrically one part exhibitionist angst, one part guilty indulgence and musically defined by pulsating grooves, strong riffs and sharp harmonies.